Mini Donkeys

We are a small hobby farm that has a few mini donkey foals available each year. They are imprinted at birth and are given the best start for success. They are handled multiple times a day, their feet are constantly picked up, and they are used to wearing halters and leading. 

We have one jack, Hank, and a few jenny's. Our babies are extremely special to us and we want them to go to the best homes possible. If you are unfamiliar with the needs of mini donkeys, please do not buy one because you think they are cute. They have different needs than horses. Being dessert creatures, they have much different dietary needs than horses, goats, cows, etc.

They also need to have at least one donkey friend, no exceptions. I will not sell a foal as a single if there are no other donkeys for it to bond with. Sheep, goats, cows are not proper companions for foals. Donkeys can die of depression if they do not have the proper socialization structure. THEY ARE NOT GUARD ANIMALS!!! The minis are seen as prey themselves and are not suited for watch animals. They can even become aggressive to other livestock. I will not sell my foals to homes that intend to use them as guardians, they are not meant for that! 

Please keep in mind that donkeys can live upwards of 30years. This is not a short-term pet, but a long-time commitment. 

I require a 30% non-refundable deposit to hold the foal. They are weaned at 5-6 months and can go home once weaned. I will put their foaling date and their approximate weaning date in their descriptions. If you are interested in a foal, please send me an email about which foal you're interested in and I will get back with you. I only have a few babies available, and I will try to choose the best home match for each baby. 

I DO NOT TRANSPORT. I would prefer to meet you in person; however, I know sometimes that is not an option if transportation is needed, which is the responsibility of the buyer. If transported over state lines they will need a coggins, which will take 2-3 weeks and is the responsibility of the buyer. We will help you set it up with our local veterinarian. 

All babies are half siblings, Hank is my only jack so they are all related. The babies can all be registered with the ADMA. I have tons of videos and photos of these babies and I'm more than happy to send them to you. 

Foal #1: Clyde

Clyde was foaled on July 27, 2023. He was 19" tall at birth and is an absolute sweetheart. His color is dark brown with a spotted face. He will mature around 31-32". Mom is a 32" grey and white spotted (Opal), and his dad is Hank who is a 31" black and white spotted. 

Price: sold! Staying with Rusty 

Weaning: December 16, 2023

Foal #2: Rusty

Rusty was foaled July 14, 2023 and was 18" tall. He is a dark red jack. I am on the fence on selling or keeping him. If the right home comes along I would let him go. He would do amazing being sold with Clyde as they are best friends in the field. He would also make an amazing jack prospect as he is very small and very well put together. His personality is unmatched, super sweet and also a goof ball. He will mature to around 30-31". His mom is a grey dun (Thelma) that stands 31" and his dad, Hank, is a 31" black and white spotted. 

Price: sold, staying with Clyde 

Weaning: December 16, 2023

Foal #3: Harvey

Harvey was born on September 15, 2023. He was 19" at birth and is a dark grey and white spotted. This boy is extremely sweet. He is put together beautiful. His mom is a 31" grey dunn (Betsy) and his dad (Hank) is a 31" black and white spotted. Harvey would make someone an excellent pet or a terrific stud. He is always the first to run and great you and want all the attention!

Going to live with Minnie💕

Weaning date: March 1, 2024

Foal #4: Minnie

She is an absoulute stunner. Minnie was born September 12, 2023. She was 18" at birth and super super tiny. Minnie is absolutely gorgeous red/grey and white spotted. She is an absolute doll baby and will mature very tiny. Her mom is a 32" grey and white spotted (Pearl), and her dad, Hank, is a 31" black and white spotted. This girl is the total package. Her personality is unmatched, extremely sweet with a side of spice. I have fallen in love with her.

Moving to Tennessee 💕(Not to Katie!)

Weaning date: March 1, 2024