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Alaina's Favorite Egg Candler

Alaina's Favorite Egg Candler

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An egg candler is a device used in poultry farming and egg incubation to inspect the contents of an egg without opening it. It typically consists of a light source, often LED, and a translucent or partially transparent surface against which the egg is held. The purpose of the egg candler is to shine light through the eggshell, allowing the user to observe the internal contents.

The primary use of an egg candler is to monitor the development of fertilized eggs during the incubation process. By illuminating the egg, the candler enables the user to see details such as the formation of blood vessels, embryo movement, and other indicators of the egg's viability. This non-invasive method helps poultry farmers and enthusiasts assess the progress of the incubation and identify any potential issues or infertility.

This is the one Alaina uses constantly to check the development in her eggs she is hatching. It is long lasting and reliable. If you are an experienced hatcher, or just getting started this is an indispensable tool. There are many different types, but this is what she has found to be the most useful!


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