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Black Copper Maran Chick

Black Copper Maran Chick

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Chicks will begin shipping April 1st! This is for pre-order. 

Black Copper Maran chickens are a breed of domesticated poultry that are highly valued for their striking appearance and superior egg-laying ability. Originating in France, these medium-sized birds have glossy black feathers with copper-colored highlights on their necks and backs, bright red combs and wattles, and large, expressive eyes.

Black Copper Marans are a hardy and adaptable breed that have been selectively bred for centuries to be disease-resistant and capable of thriving in a variety of environments. They are known for their excellent foraging ability and make an ideal choice for backyard chicken enthusiasts.

The most notable characteristic of Black Copper Maran chickens is their egg-laying ability. Their eggs are highly prized for their unique and stunning appearance, with a deep, chocolate-colored shell that is unlike any other breed of chicken. Our birds have been sourced from different breeder for egg color. Each hens genetics can vary from generation to generation, but we try to breed for the best egg color. Our hens lay on average a 6-8 on the Marans color chart. As the season progresses the egg will lighted. Once they molt or have a break in laying their "ink jets" get re-set. The roosters we have are all very affectionate and loving. Mean birds are not tolerated on our farm. There are too many sweet roosters to deal with an aggressive bird. The Black Copper Maran roosters are a great addition to olive pens as well, offering to darken the olive eggs. 

Overall, Black Copper Maran chickens are a magnificent and highly valued breed that are both functional and visually striking.

Things can happen with incubation that are out of our control. Please be patient and we will work with you as much as we can if something uncontrollable happens. Farming is unpredictable, but we will do our best to ensure healthy happy babies arrive safely. 

Please read our chick disclosure PRIOR to ordering.  


​SHIPPING LIVE CHICKS: Shipping is $60 for express delivery. This is the cost from the post office for 1-2 day shipping, and packaging. It is expensive, but we do not set this price. THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE PRICE OF THE CHICKS!!! 

Chicks can only be shipped via USPS the same day they hatch. Your local post office will call you when they arrive. They will be less than 72 hours old. Newly hatched chicks ingest the yolk before they hatch, which gives them enough nourishment to survive the shipment. But we do add Gro Gel to give them a boost of nutrients inside the shipping box. 

It is your responsibility to pick up the chicks from the post office. Sometimes when they call it will show up on caller ID as "Unknown" or "Restricted".  It is important that you mark your calendar when you place your order. We will not issue a refund if you forget to pick up your order. 

​We place extra chicks in each box to help fulfill the total count that you ordered, in the event of any loss during travel. We do not re-ship chicks if there has been a loss. A new order must be placed.

If a loss occurs during shipment, our policy requires that you notify us within 2 hours of arrival. If you fail to message us within that time frame there is nothing we can do. 

Please provide us a total count of ALL birds received, a LIVE count and a DECEASED count. Pictures of deceased chicks is REQUIRED. We do not resend chicks, but we will reimburse the cost of the dead chick. We do try to include extras and if extras are included, and there are deceased birds, a refund will not be given on extras. (EXAMPLE: you receive 12 chicks, and one is dead, a refund will not be given because the purchase is for 10 chicks. Anything over 10 is not refundable). We add extras to offset potential fatalities. 

There are NO cancellations, changes or refunds on chicks. Payment is accepted at the time of the sale. Orders are shipped out as available (or when discussed). Because we are dealing with animals and nature, the orders will be fulfilled in the order they were placed

​If you have questions about these shipping policies, please contact us BEFORE placing any orders.

If you do not agree with any of our policies, please purchase elsewhere.

Our policies are firm no matter the circumstance. 

​At Clutch of Color we strive to be honest, however as a running farm business, we have strict bio-security protocols in place to prevent against the transference of outside flocks to our own. THEREFORE, WE CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON ANY POULTRY OR EGG PURCHASE. 

​Nothing can return to our property once it has left. 

​We spend lots of time with all of our chickens throughout the day, so we are always aware if one becomes sick. We immediately separate any ill chicks or chickens from the rest of our flock. Each time a chicken is held, we check it for lice, mites and the overall health of the chicken. 

​Please note that with shipping chicks, it is common for a chick to pass away without any known symptoms. It is up to the customer to inspect the chicks, however, there are many things that can cause a young chick to pass. It's nothing you did wrong as the caretaker and nothing we did wrong as the hatchery. Please be mindful of this. If you message us and need help, we are here for you! If you send nasty messages and are hateful for things that are out of our control, please do not order from us. Shipping chicks is affective; however, the postal service is out of our control. 


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