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Welsummer Hatching Eggs

Welsummer Hatching Eggs

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Hatching eggs will start shipping end of February/March. They are sent in the order I received your order! This is a Pre-Order! 

Welsummer chickens are a captivating breed renowned for their distinct attributes, with a particular emphasis on their exceptional egg characteristics. Originating from the Netherlands, these medium-sized birds exhibit a striking appearance, boasting rich chestnut-brown feathers adorned with intricate black speckles that create a partridge-like pattern, instantly setting them apart.


While their plumage is eye-catching, it's their eggs that truly make Welsummers exceptional. These birds possess a remarkable ability to produce eggs with a deep, russet-brown hue, often likened to the warm tones of terracotta. However, what truly captures the imagination is the intricate speckling that decorates the eggshells. The speckles tend to be darker, forming intricate and mesmerizing patterns that seem to tell a story across the surface of the shell, adding to their allure. One thing to note, each egg is unique speckled patterned. Some will be more bold and others more subtle. All chicks hatched will have the ability to lay incredibly speckled eggs! 


Appreciated by egg enthusiasts and poultry aficionados alike, these eggs with their unique coloration and speckled charm hold a special place in the realm of poultry. Alongside their remarkable egg qualities, Welsummer chickens exhibit an amiable temperament, making them a welcome addition to diverse poultry settings, from small-scale farms to backyard flocks. By seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with utilitarian egg production, Welsummers stand out as an exceptional choice for those seeking to add gorgeous speckled eggs to their baskets. 



By completing your purchase with us, you agree with our policies and terms. It is YOUR responsibility to read our policies in full BEFORE completing your purchase. 

​There are NO cancellations, changes or refunds on hatching eggs. Payment is accepted at the time of the sale. Orders are shipped out as available (or when discussed). Because we are dealing with animals and nature, the orders will be fulfilled in the order they were placed

​We have a flat rate shipping cost of $30 for 1-2 dozen of hatching eggs. This covers the shipping charge and the packaging material used to safely ship eggs to you.

​One thing to take into consideration is location. We are located in Southern Ohio. We use USPS for our hatching eggs and USPS for our chicks. Most of our hatching egg orders going to the East Coast are delivered in 1-2 days. Any hatching egg orders being shipped to states west of Missouri can take 3-7 days. We make sure to pack the freshest eggs to the states going further west.

​There is NO GUARANTEE ON HATCH RATES. There is a saying to not count your chicks before they hatch. We send the freshest, fertile eggs to you, however, once the eggs leave our farm, we have no control over what happens, other than it arriving to you. Hatch rates depend on your incubation techniques, environment, and housing as well. On the farm, our hatch rate is 94-99% depending on the time of year. We record each hatch percentage weekly and if you have any questions, always contact us.

​We provide our customers with quality hatching egg embryos. We package our hatching eggs in the most secure way possible for their journey to ensure that they make it to you undamaged.

​Please understand that once the package leaves our possession, we have done everything possible to ensure that the hatching eggs reach you safely and that by labeling the box the way we do, we have done everything possible to prevent the transport process from adversely affecting the viability of the hatching eggs being shipped to you.

​Payment for a hatching egg order will be accepted at the time the order is placed. 

Please select the correct shipping option at checkout. If the wrong one is selected, we will send you an invoice for the remaining balance. Shipping must be paid in full to complete your order.

​We ship out hatching egg orders on Mondays and Tuesdays ONLY.

​It is YOUR responsibility to check the condition of the box and to open it and check on the status of the hatching eggs contained inside.

​If any of the eggs contained inside were damaged during transport, whether the box is damaged or not, you should report it to USPS as soon as possible. File a claim for your losses with them at that time. We at Clutch of Color are NOT responsible for broken eggs once they leave our possession. And we cannot submit the claim for you.

​Any claims made through USPS MUST be made within 24 hours of receiving your hatching eggs. 

​If you have questions about these shipping policies, please contact us BEFORE placing any orders.

​If you do not agree with any of our policies, please purchase elsewhere. Our policies are firm no matter the circumstance. 


​If you have questions about these shipping policies, please contact us BEFORE placing any orders.

If you do not agree with any of our policies, please purchase elsewhere.

Our policies are firm no matter the circumstance. 

​At Clutch of Color we strive to be honest, however as a running farm business, we have strict bio-security protocols in place to prevent against the transference of outside flocks to our own. THEREFORE, WE CANNOT ACCEPT RETURNS OR EXCHANGES ON ANY POULTRY OR EGG PURCHASE. 

​Nothing can return to our property once it has left. 



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